Palais Cheremetev - Saint-Pétersbourg

Where is it? - 34 Fontanka River Embankment What is the nearest subway station – Sadovaya Station Hours of visit - Sunday-Saturday 12 am - 6 pm, closed - Monday, Tuesday, last Friday of every month What to see there? - Museum of Theatre and Music. The private collection of the Sheremetev, which they had been gathering for 200 years, served as the basis for the museum's archievs. The collection, complex in its composition, was universal and at the same time versatile. It comprised a picture gallery, a collection of sculptures, arms, coins, samples of decorative and applied arts (among them collections of bronze articles, china, silver, furniture), a library (both music sheets and books; manuscripts, post-cards), church plate and icons (from the Fountain House church), etc. Price of entry - adults — 220 rubles, students — 90 rubles Overview of its history - Sheremetev Palace (Fountain House) (34 Fontanka River Embankment), monument of Baroque architecture, family residence of the Sheremetev Counts. The lot was granted in 1712, by Tsar Peter the Great to Field Marshall, Count B.P. Sheremetev, who built a clay-walled house on it in the mid-1710s.